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Bag of Samples

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We provide pre-packed bite size samples of all our cake flavors!  2 samples per flavor we have up to 10 flavors.  All samples are provided frozen, THAW (appox. 1hr on countertop) before tasting.  

Perfect for deciding on a celebration or catering order.  

If you wish to have your own selection of flavors, email us at

Staple Flavors:

- BUBBLY (Champagne & Strawberries)

- DREAM (Lavender Earl Grey)

- HUG (Espresso Hazelnut-Cocoa)

- LOVE (Red Velvet)

- WICKED (Ube Matcha-Bailey's)

We have a rotation of seasonal flavors:

- WISH (Passionfruit Vanilla)

- FIESTA (Mango Ginger)

- BLOOM (Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake)

- BURST (Blueberry Ginger)

- COCO (Pandan Coconut Cream)

- BOLD (Bourbon Dark Chocolate)

- VIVA (Horchata Rum Pecan)