One Year Anniversary

This time last year, we launched ALL-PURPOSE CAKE CO on Feb 2, 2020!

2020 was a year of sheltering in place.  There were so many unknowns so we all hunkered down.  While it was not the greatest year on so many fronts, it was a year of growth and discovery for us.  We launched our cake company in February then COVID shutdown hit...

We are grateful to continue to survive and thankful to our partners.  

First and foremost, to Jay Gordon at Wildflour Gluten Free Baking Co, without whom we would not be where we are today.  He gave us a home and latitude to grow.  

Performance Kitchen Crafted, who took a chance on us, Matthew and Greg, believed in our mission, our product and have mentored us along the way.  

If Jay gave us our foundation, Performance Kitchen Crafted gave us the legs to stand on and run.  

Go Daddy who believed in us when our business was just an idea and featured us on their The Journey YouTube as a multi-series.  Thank you to all their staff - Adam, Raislyn and all of you who were guinea pigs to the beta versions of our cakes.

Our SCORE mentors, Chef Mark Floerke and Followers who became friends, allies and support system.  

Our retail partners, FAVE Kitchen, Sari Sari Store Puyallup, Jade & Co, Copperkettle Coffee, Snohomish Apothecary & Wellness and Willowtree Market, who make our cakes easily available to their local communities.  

Our health, thank goodness we have not run out of energy or passion!

And last but not least, our FAMILIES, who have supported us, ate our cakes and put up with our late nights, busy days and weekends....our days never seem to end.  

We are hopeful and eager to catapult into 2021!  We have BIG PLANS, BIG DREAM and we are burning with enthusiasm to embrace all that is to come!

In honor of our birthdays - our natal days and the birthday of ALL-PURPOSE CAKE CO, we created two unique cakes to celebrate who we are as individuals, Ivi and Val, the duality and complement that is ALL-PURPOSE CAKE CO.

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