Happy Birthday Val!

BUBBLY - adjective: (of a person) full of cheerful high spirits; noun: (informal) champagne

Anyone who meets Val will 100% agree that she is (the epitome) of BUBBLY!  Google synonyms of bubbly and they are all the words that could describe her.  Val always has a ready smile, an amusing story, and it doesn't take much to cause her to dissolve into giggles.  She loves dressing up in her unique style, trying new places to eat, and exploring small towns with her family.  We call her the Energizer Bunny, always pepped up and going, and going and going...

On our birthdays, we created cakes that best reflect who we are, so it was only too fitting for Val's cake to be the BUBBLY (Champagne & Strawberry) is all things bright and romantics.  It has the silky sweet and tart of both strawberry and champagne on soft pillowy vanilla layers.  Best experienced in cashmere and silk, paired with your favorite bubbly or dessert wine.  


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